Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate

Streamline your duplicate share certificate process with Infiny Solutions

Share certificates issued by the companies to shareholders are often misplaced or lost due to certain unforeseen circumstances. The loss of original share certificates can cause a loss of investments to the shareholders. 


The Companies Act, 2013 has provisions for duplicate share certificates issued under section 46. You are also required to read Rule 6 of the Companies Rules, 2014 if you have misplaced or lost the original share or investment certificate.


What do you mean by a ‘Share Certificate’?

Companies or financial institutions issue share certificates to a person to certify that the person becomes a registered owner of the company’s shares from the date of issue. It is prima facie evidence of your investment in the company’s shares and proves your ownership. 


The loss or misplacement of such share certificates can cause the failure of recovery of your investment. Working with a sound financial firm like Infiny Solutions will enable you to generate a duplicate share certificate from the company.


What steps are to be taken after the misplacement or loss of share certificates?

If you have lost your share certificate you need to follow these steps —

  • Inform the company about the lost or misplaced share immediately
  • You can either send a letter to the company’s address or mail them about your lost certificate
  • You must communicate the details of the misplaced or lost share certificate such as name, folio number, share certificate number, and address


What are the documents required?

  • Use a Non-Judicial stamp paper to create an agreement for an indemnity bond.
  • Buy a Non-Judicial stamp paper costing Rs.100 to prepare an affidavit.
  • In case of a lost or misplaced share certificate, shareholders are required to file an F.I.R with the police. You need to furnish the following details in the F.I.R —
    • Name registered on your share certificate
    • Folio number of the share certificate
    • The number of shares issued
    • The share certificate number


How can a financial firm help with the ‘Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate’?

The process of issuing duplicate share certificates is quite complex and requires professional help. Infiny Solutions will enable shareholders to recover their investments by following a structured process. 


Sound firms like Infiny Solutions will sail you through the entire process of issuing a duplicate share certificate. The process involves —

  •  An application will be sent to the company following which its board of members will decide whether to give consent or not.
  • After giving consent, the company or financial institution will scrutinize your documents. The company will take around 4-6 weeks to issue a duplicate share certificate.


Without the help of reliable firms like Infiny Solutions, it is often impossible to pass the scrutiny checks of companies. The process requires knowledge of various acts, rules, and forms that can be found in only sound legal and financial firms.



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