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We understand that you may not always be able to keep track of your or your family’s old investments or you may have missed out on certain compliances due to which these investments are lying unclaimed. We also understand that you might not have the time and know-how to do the running around to claim back these investments from the government, and that’s why we are here to make the wealth recovery process easier, by cutting the hassle and acting as your sound legal and financial advisor to unlock the value of these investments.

Claim of shares / dividends from IEPF

We assist people in claiming lost shares or encash your unclaimed dividend from IEPF locked for years despite an investor holding valid shares.

Transfer of Shares

We help investors facing difficulties with share transfer because of signature mismatch, loss or mutilation of certificates

Transmission of Shares

Infiny Solutions holds expertise in share transmission consequent upon death, inheritance, bankruptcy, insolvency and marriage.

Issue of Duplicate Share Certificates

In case you have lost your original share certificates, you can get in touch with us to get a duplicate share certificate with our structured processes.

Dematerialisation of Shares

Still holding your shares in paper format. Our team helps you convert physical shares into electronic format known as dematerialization.

Updation of Address

We can help you to record change of address in your demat and is handled very efficiently by our team of professionals.

Signature updation

Our professionals can help you in updation of signatures in case of a signature mismatch. Our qualified team gets this done for you.

Updation of KYCs

To keep your demat account safe and in always liquidation format, it is important to keep your KYC perfect. And this is where we help you do so.

Putting nominee for your investments

Adding a nominee is a great way to protect or transmit your shares in case of your death. Get in touch with us to add nominee for your investments.

Last but not the least : Data drilling and digging out investments that you may have forgotten about, on the basis of basic past information provided to us about you and your family.


Our firm is working with the aim to trace the rightful investors and assist them or their legal heirs/nominees who are struggling to undertake the long and arduous process of reclaiming their investments in India. We have been assisting several investors including HNIs, private limited companies etc. across the nation and worldwide in undertaking the complete wealth recovery process.



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