Putting nominee for your investments

Add a Nominee and Improve your Share Protection Today

Ensure a smooth transmission and protection of your shares by assigning a nominee to your investment folios. Passing on your wealth to the right legal heir smoothly is important. However, often legal heirs find it difficult to get shares in their names after the death of the original shareholders. To save your legal heirs from tiresome and lengthy legal processes, adding a nominee to your investment is essential. 


Often investors try to save a few seconds by not adding a nominee to their investment form. Investors may also forget the details of their nominees. In such a case, Infiny Solutions will ensure that your nominees are duly added without any hassle.


Is nomination important?

Yes. Nomination helps you to assign your trusted members (family or friends) to take charge of your shares or assets in case of your death. Bequeathing your shares or assets to a trusted person is different from nomination. 


Nomination ensures that your shares get passed on to your trusted member without any complex legal process. It will safeguard your assets in the event of your death. Infiny Solutions understand the importance of nominating and enables customers to add a trusted member as their nominee.


Joint Accounts vs Nomination

Joint accounts are always preferable for smooth transfers of your assets or investments in shares. You can add a second and third holder to protect your assets. Joint holders are nothing but the co-owners of your shares or funds. Whereas, a nominee is a trustee of your share investments. 


If you invest as a single holder, you must add a nominee. Nomination helps in cases wherein you are unable to add a joint holder to your investments. It will protect your portfolios from getting orphaned after you are gone. It will also streamline the process of share transmission without any complexities.


Who can you add as your nominee?

Stick to your trusted members. They can be your close relatives, family members, siblings, associates, or friends. You can also nominate religious trust, charitable trust, or any other local authorities. 


You can add up to three nominees per investment folios through Infiny Solutions. You can assign a specific percentage of the folio’s assets to each of your assigned members. In case of no specification, each nominee will get an equal share.


Can you change nominees in an existing investment folio later?

Yes. You can modify the name of your nominees multiple times via Infiny Solutions. You need to fill up a form to replace single or multiple nominees from your list of existing nominees. Infiny Solutions will provide you with the form and details for adding or modifying the names of nominees in your investment folios.



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