Transfer of Shares made easy with Infiny Solutions

Investors may face issues with the transfer of shares for various reasons. Without the right legal and financial help, it is often impossible to get your shares transferred quickly. People may also shy away from the transfer of shares due to the complex processes involved.


What does ‘Transfer of Shares’ mean?

Transfer of shares is the process of transferring the certificate of share’s title to the transferee from the transferor. Transfer of shares arises in the case of physical shares. If you are holding physical shares being the legal heir of such shares and looking for ways to transfer the same in your name, Infiny Solutions has got you covered.


Working with a sound financial and legal agency will allow you to easily transfer such physical shares in your name. Most people face some issues while transferring the shares of several companies or financial institutions in their names. Infiny Solutions will provide you with the required assistance in case of such share transfers.


How can a legal and financial firm assist you with the Transfer of Shares?

Transfer of Shares is a complicated process and requires the guidance of a financial and legal team. Without a sound financial firm to assist you with the shares transfer process, you are likely to face the following problems –


Signature Mismatch

It often happens that our signatures change over a course of time. If shareholders or legal heirs are signing the share documents after a prolonged time interval, the signatures may not match with the previous signatures.


A mismatch of signature occurs when your present signature fails to match with the signatures present on the records. Infiny Solutions will assist legal heirs in updating their signatures on the records of the companies.


Loss of Certificate of Physical Shares

Often certain unfortunate circumstances can cause loss of physical share certificates. This can reduce your chances of recovering these shares. A sound financial and legal firm like Infiny Solutions can assist you in recovering these duplicate certificates. It will also streamline the process of getting back your possessions.


Failure to Submit the Transfer Deed

This happens when buyers are unable to submit their transfer deed even after paying the consideration amount. In this case, the shares will remain in the seller’s name. Infiny Solutions will assist buyers in transferring such shares on their names.


Mutilated Share Certificates

People often fail to properly safeguard their share certificates. Share certificates are also subjected to wear and tear which may cause huge issues while shares transfer. 


If you are in the possession of mutilated, torn, or dismantled shares, you need the guidance of a reliable legal and financial firm.


If you are facing any problems related to ‘Transfer of Shares’, there is no need to panic. Infiny Solutions will provide you with the proper guidance and advice to get your shares transferred quickly.



Dematerialisation offers flexibility along with security and convenience. Holding share certificates in physical format carried risks like certificate forgeries, loss of important share certificates, and consequent delays in certificate transfers. Dematerialization eliminates these hassles by allowing customers to convert their physical certificates into electronic format.

So, this will be conversion of paper share into electronic form. 


  • No trading in paper form allowed as per new guidelines
  • Easy to maintain trail
  • Tax benefit


Updation of KYCs

Signatures mismatch

Updation of address

Updation of Bank account details

All this need regular follow up and a lot of paper work which is a toil on daily working.

Solution provided

Opening of demat account from the comfort of your home

Updation of all details

All paper work compiled and done till the shares are in your demat account

Tracking that no bonus or unclaimed benefits arising out of your holdings remain unclaimed



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