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    Your trusted investment retrieval support

    Helping you recover your blocked investments from IEPF and other unclaimed amounts

    At Infiny, we are a team of professionals who guide and assist you so as to ensure that you reclaim your rightful assets to your benefit.


    With our insightful experience in the field, we are an unparalleled team with excellent networking skills that makes us the most successful platform in assisting investors get their rightful investments back in the most efficient manner.

    iepf shares claim

    Our Financial Services

    iepf shares claim

    Claim of Shares /dividends from IEPF

    We assist people in claiming lost shares or encash your unclaimed dividend from IEPF locked for years despite an investor holding valid shares.

    iepf shares claim

    Transfer of Shares

    We  help  investors  facing  difficulties with  share transfer  because  of  signature  mismatch, loss or  mutilation  of certificates.

    iepf shares claim

    Transmission of Shares

    Infiny Solutions holds expertise in share transmission consequent upon death, inheritance, bankruptcy, insolvency and marriage.

    iepf shares claim

    Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate

    In case you have lost your original share certificates, you can get in touch with us to get a duplicate share certificate with our structured processes.

    iepf shares claim

    “Infiny solutions promoted by two young entrepreneurs Prachi Agrawal & Ridhi Garg. Both of them are well qualified professionals and are doing good for the investors who are not able to redeem their invested money in share market due to whatever reasons. Their company is assisting the investors to get their Shares back which may be encashed. I am sure that the company will reach its pinnacle due to the promoters integrity, honesty & perseverance.”

    Girdhari Agrawal

    iepf shares claim

    iepf shares claim

    “Presented to Ridhi Garg & Prachi Agarwal who are beyond Sherlock Holmes. Thank you for discovering us !”

    Niraj Srivastava

    (Winner Beverly Hills Book Awards)


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