IEPF Recovery | IEPF Shares Recovery : Claim Shares or Dividends from IEPF in a hassle-free manner

IEPF (Investor Education and Protection Fund) has been set up for the protection of investors’ interests. It also promotes awareness among investors by providing all information on its website. However, this website does not provide any investment evaluation or advice. Often people fail to claim their shares that have been transferred to IEPF by the company. 


If your funds have been lying with IEPF, you need to track and quickly claim your dues. Crores of unclaimed money in the form of old equity shares, debentures, dividends, and more have been piling up with the IEPF.


Why do unclaimed shares or dividends arise?

The government has been planning to take over those shares lying with IEPF in which corporate benefits and dividends were unclaimed for the past seven years. There are various reasons for unclaimed shares or dividends – 

  • You may have lost track of the amounts invested in the company.
  • A financial institution or company has failed to contact you or locate you for the payment of your dividend. Bank and contact details change frequently and often companies fail to stay updated about the same.
  • Often legal heirs and nominees fail to claim shares and dividends as they are unaware of these assets.
  • Torn, lost, dismantled, or forgotten shares.



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    Tips to Recover Your Unclaimed Investments

    Work with a sound financial and legal advisor to claim your shares or dividends without any hassle. Infiny Solutions has been working with several clients across the globe to recover their unclaimed investments including –

    • Recovery of old or lost shares 
    • Issue of duplicate shares
    • The claim of shares or dividends from IEPF

    EPF Share, IEPF Claim



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      How can a financial firm assist you with unclaimed dividends?

      The government has been trying constantly to ensure security and easy claims of unclaimed shares, dividends, deposits, bonuses, debentures, etc. However, people are still facing issues with recovering such unclaimed investments. Infiny Solutions have a team of Certified legal and financial experts who will help you with such claims.


      Below are some of the issues that you may face while recovering unclaimed dividends from IEPF


      Expired Records

      Unclaimed dividends are usually a result of wrong or outdated details of investors or shareholders. Mismatches of bank and personal details like name, date of birth, age, address, father’s name, and husband’s name can lead to unclaimed dividends. The legal and financial team of Infiny Solutions will ensure a smooth recovery in such cases.


      No or Improper Execution of Transmission or Transfer

      Often the buyer’s shares remain registered in the seller’s name due to no or improper execution of the share transfer. 


      Similarly, in the case of transmission of shares, if a nominee or legal successor fails to accomplish the transmission of shares in his name after the investor’s death, unclaimed dividends may arise. Infiny Solutions is a one-stop-shop solution for all such unclaimed investments.



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