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Eliminate the Issues of Signature Mismatch with Infiny Solutions

A signature mismatch is one of the most common causes of rejection of Demat requests or share transfers. A signature is the prima facie evidence of your ownership in the shares of a company. It verifies that you are the same person to whom the shares were initially issued. When a signature mismatch occurs you are required to act on it immediately. Infiny Solutions can act as your guide to update your signature seamlessly without any complexities.


Why does a signature mismatch occur?

When a mismatch in signature occurs due to a spelling difference in your name, the DPs and company registrars will require verification of your signature. The original account or share certificate holders will have to get their signatures attested by the respective banks. The following items should also be present while updating your signature —

  • The seal of your bank
  • Name of your bank manager
  • Branch office address of the bank
  • Self-attested copy of your residence or identity proof


However, if a major mismatch in your signature arises, you are required to get an affidavit from your nearest court. You are also required to submit your residence or identify proof. 


If you are confused about the process of updating your mismatched signature, you can take the help of reliable firms like Infiny Solutions to get done with the work.


Procedure to change your signature

Infiny Solutions have helped thousands of shareholders to update their signatures. If you have changed your signature or a signature mismatch occurs, then you are required to act as per the following procedure —


  • Download and print the Demat modification form available on the online portal of your bank or DP. Enter the required details relating to the modification of your signatures. 
  • Sign as per your old and new details to update your bank about the change. Fill up your KYC form and put your signature across your photograph. 
  • Procure an acknowledgment letter from your bank along with the banker’s signature and seal. 
  • Send the following details to your DP along with an identity and address proof. Self-attest all the necessary documents with your new signature to complete the process.


Charges to change your signature

The DP or bank in which you have opened your Demat account will charge a fee for signature modification. The charge is usually a very minimum amount with the applicable GST.


Still, confused about how to change your signature?

Infiny Solutions have assisted multiple investors in signature updation to eliminate the problems associated with a signature mismatch. The financial experts at Infiny Solutions are always waiting to help investors in correcting or updating their details in the registers of the company.



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